Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 crow a girl

This is the cover from a stationary card I received from my maternal Grandmother, back in Early November of 2006. The image is of 3 crows entitled "Young Crows" and was painted by Donald William Richards, from a gift set of cards called "Birds of Nova Scotia" I've kept this card on my desk since I received it, always reminding me of the woman who means so much to me.

As you may recall it was my Nan who taught me the the poem about the seven crows and it is because of that early impression that, to this day I love crows, and when I was deciding on my first Tattoo it was at a time when she was not doing well and so that Tattoo is as much a tribute to her as it is my love of the bird.

- - - - -

We lost her to her great reward on Wed May 7th, 2008. It was not such an unexpected loss, as her health was failing and she bluntly refused any treatment to prolong her life.

I wrote a few blog posts about her at my main blog, the first in part about a visit back in August of 2008, then in October 2007 on the 17th and the 23rd (in part... it's a LONG post, it's more at the beginning). Then May hit, like a brink... May 6th, May 7th and May 11th

While I feel these are all wonderful tributes to a woman I dearly love and will miss deeply til the end of my days, I felt she deserved one more tribute and it is here, where she and I can continue to share our love for one another and the birds we loved to count.

Here is just a short snippet from her not. Cute and playful as always:

And here's how she signed off.

So long Nan, I love ya, ya old crow!

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i'm sure she'd smile at this...