Friday, April 25, 2008

crow art: a flock of skull

How delicious is this!?

Blending the chaotic elegance of crows in flight and morphing the photo to show the murder in a skull shaped flight pattern. When I saw this image back in February, it helped cement the concept of my first tattoo. The patterns of their silhouettes. Pure magic!

I stumbled across Skull-a-Day though Keltie's 365 Masks. Keltie was inspired by the artist Noah Scalin and his piece of art a day concept blog. Talk about varied mediums and techniques. This man is a genius!

I visit both sites regularly to see what they come up with next, and am seldom if ever disappointed. I only wish they'd use more crows! ;-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

crow art: the filigree mask

The Blogworld is one I'm very glad to have found, and have been happily blogging my ass off for a little over one year now (at my main blog) What impresses me more than just the number of blogs out there, is the talent you find, and the wonderful people you 'meet' behind that talent; be it words and or art.

I'm not sure when I first started reading Keltie's blog, but I remember finding her through a friend of a friend of a friend's blog. (you see how easy that is!) She's got a great mind. Back in January she started a secondary blog called 365 Masks. Her goal: to create a Mask a day for one year.

She's doing some impressive stuff there, and you can go check it out yourself here, and more specifically the reason for this post: here.

Now she never comes out directly and says it's a crow mask, but I gotta tell you I was reading Christopher Moore's "A Dirty Job" at the time, where Crows/Ravens figure prominently in the story and when I visualized them I see her mask.

I love the simplicity of main mask with the detailing of the filigree and the colour evokes thoughts of Hallowe'en, an absolute iconoclastic moment in the year of a crow.

Check out her other masks, she's a talent!