Thursday, March 13, 2008

seven crows

My love and admiration of Crows began as a small boy. I can remember hearing their cawing and thinking how magical and mystical their sound was.

Then, once while out with my grandmother, we heard and then saw some crows. She recited a small poem as she counted them. I was transfixed. I asked her to repeat it and teach it to me...

One Crow sorrow,
Two Crow joy,
Three Crow a girl,
Four Crow a boy,
Five Crow silver,
Six Crow gold,
Seven Crow a secret,
never to be told.

Each and every time I see a crow or crows I recite that poem. And every time I do I think of my Grandmother.

This is one of my favourite paintings of Crows. It's entitled "Seven Crows" not so coincidentally. It's by renowned artist Alex Colville. I'm a huge fan of his, and not only because of his many paintings of crows, but because his paintings look so real you feel as if you could walk right into one as easily as you walk through an open door.

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like alex too. his paintings are simple, yet evocative. quite the storyteller you're becoming there. a family tradition?